About Me

Daniel "PCMOJO" Graves

Well, you clicked on this link thinking, "who is Daniel (PCMOJO) Graves" You have clicked the right place! Though my name is in fact Daniel, I go by Clay to most people.

I am the founder, owner, and administrator of PCMOJO, and everything that it is or was. Including a weather site, a blog, a computer repair buisiness, and a gamer-guild. Today vesitges of all the things that are gone can still be found. There is an operating ventrilo server as well as a gallery with "clan" folders, and I still talk about ocmputers and weather in my blog. But most of my time has been absorbed into school and my real job.

Today, I am a student in the space science program at Morehead State University. I am the sysadmin for the program and maintain a lot of the tech in the brand new 15.4 million dollar facility. I am also employed by the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, a collaboration among universities in charge of the Kentucky Space program. Our motto is "where the sky is no longer the limit" and that is entirely the case. As a staff member, I am in a position where I actively develop hardware for space missions, maintain and improve satellite tracking earth stations, and present information or perform public outreach to further our goals in both education and recruiting. I also do a little web-dev on the side.

For my proffessional profile, related to space systems development please visit the Kentucky Space staff website.

For information on Kentucky Space in general please click here.

For a breakdown of future, active, or past mission click here.

On a more personal note I can say that Yes, I'm a bit of a geek, but geekiness is cool right?! I enjoy hiking in the woods and taking pictures with my fuji s6000. I also enjoy getting into technical things, namely computers and the space tracking system at Morehead State University. I definitely like music (both performing on my trumpet and listening to). I love watching movies, though my time has become increasingly limited. I haven't been camping in years and need to go again, though all night stargazing is sort-of camping. I maintain a personal web page, with a blog that is not updated anywhere near enough, and I do way too much math and physics for my own good while at school.