About Me

Daniel "PCMOJO" Graves

Well, you clicked on this link thinking, "who is Daniel (PCMOJO) Graves?" or maybe you didn't know why you clicked, or maybe you just stumbled in... Anyway you have clicked the right place! Though my name is in fact Daniel, I go by Clay to most people.

I am the founder, owner, and administrator of PCMOJO, and everything that it is or was. Including a weather site, a blog, a computer repair buisiness, and a gamer-guild. Today vesitges of all the things that are gone can still be found, including our clan file server, the occasional lan party, and talking about computers and weather in my blog.

Professionaly, I'm an experienced systems engineer (IT / Communications Systems) with a history of working in industrial automation and aerospace industries. I'm skilled in LAN/WLAN/WAN Networking, VoIP Telephony, Network Security, LAMP Stack Administration, Linux and Windows System Administration, and various forms of Shell Script. I exhibit strong skills as an information technology professional with a Master of Science (MS) focused in Information Technology from Northern Kentucky University, and a Bachelors of Science (BS) with an area of concentration in Space Science from Morehead State.

Personally, my interests include Amateur Radio, Weather, Optics (Astrophotography), Miniatures (future link to the K&E Railroad), Music, Education, and Advanced Technology Development / Automation. In my spare time I volunteer with the Mason County Royals Band, as a sound tech, trumpet/brass instructor, hauling gear, making props, or doing whatever else is needed.