The Clan

Below Is a Short Bio On Each Team Member

Updated January 23 2:55pm 2018

The PCMOJO video game clan is in a state of semi retirement, back in the days of halo for the pc we owned the internets, and even for a time in call of duty 4. Today a few members still play regularly and you may spot them by the PCM~ prefix on their names. We are however always ready for a lan or a challenge. If you want some, come post in the forums, and we will bring it 163%


Heath "HAC" Carpenter
This guy is lethal with small weapons,
if he has a pistol dont get in his way



Jesse "Tactical" Hinson
This cat is one for plans, and good ones.
Want to survive? Follow his lead.



Riyan "Punkin" Bryant
Our resident pumpkin Riyan is
always read to do the dirty work



Anthony "Macinsmash" Fitch
Holding it down in the apple world,
Fitch is our newest member.



Daniel "PCMOJO"Graves
Yes, He's the admin, and yes he will ban you. Daniel is pcmojo's founder, and planner